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Career as a Chartered Accountant

About Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountancy is regarded as the core of all business, small or big. The responsibilities and work of chartered accountants involve financial planning, accounting, taxation and auditing. A career as a chartered accountant is not only challenging but also rewarding. The career prospects for chartered accountants are exciting. In other words, chartered accountancy is the first step to other rewarding careers in fund management, investment consultancy and finance. Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is responsible for conducting CA courses. Over the last few years, the qualifications required to become a CA has undergone various changes with ICAI upgrading the syllabus and curriculum as per the changing business scenario as the globe.

Types of Job Roles Chartered Accountant

Auditor: Auditors are external professionals who are invited or sent to companies to examine their finances to make sure that the accounts of the companies are accurate. Most companies appoint internal auditors.


Accounts Clerk: Accounts clerk is responsible for recording certain types of financial transactions. The major focus of accounts clerk could be on accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing or payroll.


Business Services Accountant: The responsibility of business services accountant is to provide business and tax services to clients. Some of the other duties of these accountants include keeping track of depreciation of assets, generating financial statements, preparing tax returns and advice & guidance on financial strategies.


Chief Financial Officer (CFO): CFO is a senior-level executive who is responsible for the enterprise's financial well-being and success.


Cost Accountants: The responsibility of cost accountants is to monitor and analyze the company’s cost of materials, processes and products. They also provide advice to the management of the company on the most effective options to streamline and manage costs.

Financial Controller: The major responsibility of the financial controller is to work closely with executive management teams, and play a vital role in the running of businesses.

Tax Accountant: Tax accountants specialize in taxation. The responsibility of the tax accountants is to handle audits, tax returns and final audits for corporations or individuals.  


Employment Opportunities for Chartered Accountant:

Chartered accountants are the most sought-after professionals in India. There is more reputation for CAs in India due to the rigorous training imparted to them. The demand for qualified and skilled CAs in India has been constantly increasing, and the profession did not witness any downward trend in the recent years. Over the last three to four years, the demand for CAs has been increasing by 10%-15%.

Chartered Accountants can find employment in the following areas after attaining the necessary skills and qualifications: -

The qualification of CA is globally recognized, and the industry outlook for Chartered Accountants is indeed bright

Top Recruiting Agencies for Chartered Accountant:

The following are some of the top companies that recruit Chartered Accountants in India: -

Pros of becoming a Chartered Accountant